The Winter of Our Discontent

It’s taken me awhile to get to this next chapter. Not because I’ve been lazy or have lost interest or anything like that. The story goes places that are difficult to describe. The story is also deeply painful. I have tossed and turned this over and over trying to settle on a way to keep it real but to also protect feelings. It’s not just about me.

After Bill passed, my sister embarked on a new life. It was her path to carve and one she had been pondering for awhile. She knew that when Bill passed, her life would change. She was still young and vibrant and did not want to curl up and die. I understood that. Decisions and choices were made. And many of these choices would impact our relationship in ways I could never have imagined. We were on different planes on this and struggled to understand each other. Neither of us was right. Neither of us was wrong. We are two and a half years beyond the death of Bill and we still struggle to understand or accept each other’s view. We have admitted some of our faults. We have each accepted some blame. We are very different in how we view various issues. But we are a work in progress. She is my sister and I will never be willing to let that go.


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